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Raku bindings for primesieve
Perl 6
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Raku bindings for primesieve.

primesieve generates primes using a highly optimized sieve of Eratosthenes implementation. It counts the primes below 10¹⁰ in just 0.45 seconds on an Intel Core i7-6700 CPU (4 x 3.4GHz). primesieve can generate primes and prime k-tuplets up to 2⁶⁴.


use v6;

use Math::Primesieve;

my $p =;

say "Using libprimesieve version $p.version()";

say $p.primes(100);           # Primes under 100

say $p.primes(100, 200);      # Primes between 100 and 200

say $p.n-primes(20);          # First 20 primes

say $p.n-primes(10, 1000);    # 10 primes over 1000

say $p.nth-prime(10);         # nth-prime

say $p[10];                   # Can also just subscript for nth-prime

say $p.nth-prime(100, 1000);  # 100th prime over 1000

say $p.count(10**9);          # Count primes under 10^9

$p.print(10);                 # Print primes under 10

say $p.count(10**8, 10**9);   # Count primes between 10^8 and 10^9

$p.print(10, 20);             # Print primes between 10 and 20

Pass options :twins, :triplets, :quadruplets, :quintuplets, :sextuplets to count or print for prime k-tuplets.


my $iterator =;

say $ for ^10;   # Print first 10 primes;

$iterator.skipto(1000);       # skip to a specific start (can also
                              # specify stop_hint)

say $ for ^10;   # Print 10 primes over 1000

say $iterator.prev for ^10;   # Previous primes

my $it =; # Can start at a num


First install the primesieve library.

For Ubuntu linux, just run:

sudo apt install libprimesieve-dev

Then install this module in the normal way with zef.

zef install Math::Primesieve
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