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CuteNews is a FREE, powerful and easy-to-use news management system based on flat files as a storage with search function, file upload management, backup & restore, IP banning, flood protection and many more. Moreover Cutenews is UTF-8 fully compatible system.


Starting with the version 2.0 we've improved the capacity, speed and security of the CMS

News Features

Additional X-Field, ability to see the first posts while adding and editing, PHP-code error protection while news output, error logging at backend.

Social Functions

Opportunity to vote for news and comment it on Facebook.

Quick and Easy installation

The whole installation process comprises just one step and goes very fast. Migration is also done in one quick step and can be accomplished without any effort on your part.

You don't need MySQL

A notable feature of the CuteNews engine is that it doesn't use MySQL to store news, comments, user profiles, or any other data. The CuteNews engine can be installed on practically any web server.

Super-Easy to use

Anyone can edit templates and use the embeddable code on their website: it's so simple that you don't even have to know anything about PHP programming.

WYSYWIG editor

Enjoy writing and editing news for your website in CKEditor, a modern WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) text editor built into CuteNews.


The new developer-friendly and easy-to-use plug-ins system, which first made its appearance in 1.5.0, allows you to extend the basic feature set of CuteNews.

Captcha and Antiflood

CuteNews comes with captcha-based anti-spam protection as well as anti-flood protection and tools for banning unwanted IP addresses.

Different User Levels

CuteNews allows for different types of users with different permission levels: Administrator, Editor, Journalist, Commenter, Ban and user defined level. Each of these types of users has access to different features on a CuteNews-driven website.

Visitors can search

Users can search for intended info using a dedicated search form. Conducted searches are based on the full-text search algorithms with ranking.

Everything is automated

You don't have to worry about creating news items: CuteNews does everything automatically. It is also capable of archiving old news items and activating postponed ones on its own.