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# Android Connections Forensics

This software enables a forensic investigator to map each connection to its originating process.

It doesn't require root privliges on the system, but do require adb & USB debugging.

Supported OS

ACF works currently only on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04)


git clone
cd ACF
pip install -r requirments.txt


Make sure you device is connected, usb debugging is enabled and authorized.

adb devices

To run Acf:

python -d [Device serial number]

Filter by process name match:

python -d [Device serial number] -f facebook

Filter by process owner:

python -d [Device serial number] -u user
python -d [Device serial number] -u system
python -d [Device serial number] -u root


ACF create 3 different output types:

  1. console output - live connections

  2. acm-log file - live connections

  3. metadata file - external IP's metadata results

acm-log example:

#Metadata Plugins Acf extract metadata to every external IP address.

Current Plugins:

  1. IP Info - geolocation, provider etc..

  2. IP Rep - alienvault ip blacklist database.

  3. VirusTotal - virustotal ip lookup.

  4. Whois

Contact Us

Itayk [ [ AT ] ]