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Recipe XML

Ruben Taelman edited this page Jul 29, 2015 · 1 revision

From the moment this mod is loaded, a folder cyclopscore will be checked in the config folder. You can place any *.xml inside this folder. You can choose your own folder hierarchy inside this folder, so cyclopscore/folder1/folder2/recipes.xml will also be loaded.

This also works for all other mods that depend on Cyclops Core, if you for example want to add recipes for EvilCraft, you would use the base directory evilcraft instead.

This system support different types of recipes, below you can find a list together with an example file. These examples are taken from EvilCraft, because Cyclops Core itself does not add any recipes.

Some mods (like EvilCraft) also have XML recipe support for custom crafting recipes, more information about this can be found on their respective wiki's.

Feel free to open an issue or contact the developers if you require more information about this.

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