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OpenSCAD MCAD Library

This library contains components commonly used in designing and moching up mechanical designs. It is currently unfinished and still undergoing considerable API changes however many things are already working.

This library is licensed under the LGPL 2.1
See or the included file, lgpl-2.1.txt.

Currently Provided Tools:

* involute_gears.scad ( 
    - gear()
    - bevel_gear()
    - bevel_gear_pair()

* gears.scad (Old version):
    - gear(number_of_teeth, circular_pitch OR diametrial_pitch, pressure_angle OPTIONAL, clearance OPTIONAL)

* motors.scad:
    - stepper_motor_mount(nema_standard, slide_distance OPTIONAL, mochup OPTIONAL)

Other tools (alpha quality):
* nuts_and_bolts.scad: for creating metric and imperial bolt/nut holes
* bearing.scad: standard/custom bearings
* screw.cad: screws and augers
* materials.scad: color definitions for different materials

* math.scad: general math functions
* constants.scad: mathematical constants
* curves.scad: mathematical functions defining curves
* units.scad: easy metric units
* utilities: geometric funtions and misc. useful stuff

You are welcome to fork this project in github and request pulls. I will try to accomodate the community as much as possible in this.