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React Native Meteor Boilerplate

This is a React Native app which uses Meteor as its backend. It should be used as a sample boilerplate for starting a new app of your own.

Quick Start

Install all the dependencies:

$ npm install

Bundle Meteor client:

$ npm run meteor-bundle-client

Start the API server:

$ npm run api

Start the packager:

$ npm start

Run the app:

$ react-native run-android

Or in case you're using iOS:

$ react-native run-ios

Note: The API URL is configured to http://localhost:3000 by default. If you would like to change that, be sure to visit the official file of Meteor Client Bundler for detailed instructions.

Facebook, Twitter and Google logins

You have to set custom URI scheme prefix in app.json, and main.js on Meteor backend. Then, you can use Meteor.loginWith<service> of accounts-<service> packages without any extra react-native or expo plugins.