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Welcome to the QDDT wiki!

This project has received funding from the European Union’s FP7 Infrastructures programme under grant agreement No 283646 and the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654221.

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Purpose of the QDDT

The Questionnaire Design and Documentation Tool is intended to provide an interactive and dynamic web-based tool which can be used to both document and retrieve information on the complex process of designing a cross-national survey questionnaire. It should provide a more streamlined and user friendly replacement for the current paper-based word template used to document the European Social Survey’s questionnaire design process.

The QDDT is intended to improve the efficiency of the questionnaire design process. The tool will provide a means of managing the design process, tracking the development of question items over different stages of pre-testing and review and incorporating input from multiple stakeholders. The QDDT should also provide the basis for generating the final field ready questionnaire from the question items developed and recorded within the tool.

The QDDT is also intended to improve the transparency of the questionnaire design process and to facilitate knowledge transfer both within the same survey infrastructure across time and across different survey infrastructures. The tool will serve as an archive of survey metadata, including the rationale behind questions and results from pre-testing as well as the final questions developed, providing a complete and searchable record of the questionnaire design process.

The tool is intended to form part of a suite of tools documenting different stages of the survey lifecycle including questionnaire design, translation and data processing. The QDDT’s underlying database for the tool will be structured in line with the internationally coordinated Data Documentation Initiative (DDI). This will make it possible to import and export data from other DDI-compliant tools being developed under SERISS including a Translation Management Tool (TMT) and Question Variable Database (QVDB).

The QDDT is being developed primarily with the European Social Survey in mind. However, it is anticipated that the tool will also be usable by other national and cross-national surveys including SERISS partners SHARE, GGP and EVS and the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP). The tool’s reusable database model can also be extended to other questionnaire development and documentation

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