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Project developed by: Alexia Torres and Sergio Panadero.

##Reason of the project:

We decided to do an application to help people keep track of their watched movies, the release of movies new movies, and suggest them movies to watch.


The user interface will have a list of new releases and popular films that you might be interested in. You will have a calendar with the new releases that you have selected. The user will have a search box to look for movies and be able to see their info and add it to lists.


This application will have this features being able to be changed in a future.

  1. Sign up / Login up
  2. Look for movies
  3. Create and manage personalized lists
  4. Get suggested movies
  5. Favorite and comment on movies
  6. Get a calendar with the new releases you are interested in
  7. Share lists with other users
  8. See other users public lists

##Demo: Go to demo And deny access to mic, github pages can't work well with it, it works without problem in a web server.

To install

	npm install

To dev start

	npm start

And goto http://localhost:3000

To dist

	npm run dist


Here are the slides about the functions of the application: Presentation