A single page Infinite Scroll app built using Ractive.js, jQuery, and Pure CSS.
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Instagram Infinite Scroll


Instagram Infinite Feed

The Instagram feed uses Ractive to render a mustache html template with instagram image data.

How to Use:

  1. Create an instagram developer account and Client ID for your application.
  2. Include the Ractive.js and instagram.js scripts.
  3. Create a mustache template.
  4. Pass the Client ID, hashtag to search, and template string into the instagramFeed constructor.

Example Template:

<!-- This loops over the data -->
	<div class="insta-image">
		<img src="{{instagramData.data[index].images.standard_resolution.url}}" alt="" />

Sample Usage:

<script src="js/ractive/Ractive-legacy.0.3.9.min.js"></script><!-- Get Ractive-->
<script src="js/instagram.js"></script> <!-- Get Instagram extension -->
//Check URL for search parameter.
query = (window.location.search.length ? window.location.search.slice(1) : 'dribbble');

//Infinite Scroll Window Bindings.
var infiniteScrollBinding = function(){
    //Calculate Window Values on every scroll event.
    var bod = $('body')[0];
    pageHeight = bod.offsetHeight;
    bottomScroll = window.scrollY + bod.clientHeight;
    distanceToBottom = pageHeight - bottomScroll;

    //Load more posts as needed.
    if(distanceToBottom < 200){
    else if(window.scrollY <= 0){

// Get our template file.
$.get( 'templates/twitter-feed.rac').then( function ( template ) {

  //Create New Instagram Feed
  insta = new instagramFeed({
    el: 'template-target',
    template: template,
    clientID: 'Your Instagram Client ID',
    hashtag: query,
    complete: infiniteScrollBinding


Function Reference

insta.load('replace'); // Replace the current data (Reload)
insta.load('before');  // Check for newer posts
insta.load('after');   // Load Older Posts
insta.set('search', 'yolo'); //Set Value of Search
insta.get() //Inspect the Data


  1. Minify JS
  2. Generate more query urls (search users, locations, etc.)
  3. Finish Documentation
  4. Develop Testing Framework