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Memory hacking library for Dwarf Fortress and a set of tools that use it
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CMake/Modules Initial CMake version of Sphinx stuff.
build Bash script to build dfhack according to the instructions in Compile.…
depends protobuf: Disable unused-result warnings in release mode
dfhack-config dfstatus: Allow sections and metal bars to be customized
docs Move index back to root
library Add a Lua implementation of next_enum_item()
package Add hack/libs to DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH on OS X
plugins Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
reversing Properly handle the variety of exception handlers that MSVC 2010 gene…
scripts Add devel/clear-script-env
travis Merge remote-tracking branch 'PeridexisErrant/docs-again' into develop
.gitignore Tweak docs building
.gitmodules Fix .gitmodules.
.travis.yml Merge remote-tracking branch 'PeridexisErrant/docs-again' into develop
CMakeLists.txt Update version to r4
LICENSE.rst Further clarify Core; move plugins out; other fixes
NEWS.rst Update version to r4
README.html Move index back to root Split GitHub README from Sphinx index Move index back to root
dfhack.init-example Comment out roses-init (shouldn't be run from dfhack.init).
index.rst Move index back to root

DFHack Readme

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DFHack is a Dwarf Fortress memory access library, distributed with scripts and plugins implementing a wide variety of useful functions and tools.

The full documentation is available online here, from the README.html page in the DFHack distribution, or as raw text in the ./docs folder. If you're an end-user, modder, or interested in contributing to DFHack - go read those docs.

If that's unclear or you need more help, try the Bay12 forums thread or the #dfhack IRC channel on freenode.

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