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Development Tracker using the OIPA public API

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This repository is to support the redevelopment of Development Tracker using the OIPA open public API instead of the more complex data back-end used in the orginal DevTracker.

About DevTracker

The Development Tracker (often just called DevTracker) is a public web platform that allows users to access information on the UK's contribution to the global effort to eliminate extreme poverty.

Users are members of the public, journalists, researchers, civil society organisations, politicians, officials in the UK, in other donor countries and in countries where the UK supplies official development assistance.

DevTracker uses open data published by the UK Government and its partners in the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) format. The IATI format is an XML-based international data standard and therefore requires some manipulation to make it readable by non-technical people. That is what DevTracker attempts to do.


The open public API being used in the OIPA API built by [Zimmerman & Zimmerman] (

Get started

The site is being developed using a Sinatra web framework and Ruby. To get started, go to the Wiki. We will be adding new guidance and features to the wiki as we go along.

Local Development

See this page for details of running with vagrant and interactively debugging using VS Code.


Current live version of Development Tracker that uses an open public API to present IATI format data








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