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This is DFRobot BLE firmware V1.9 respository.
The following devices are supported with these firmware, please download the newest one according to your device.:

1 Bluno
2 BLE Link
3 BLE MEGA1280
4 BLE MEGA2560
5 USB BLE-LINK (BLE-Link Firmware)
6 Romeo BLE (Bluno Firmware)
7 Romeo BLE mini (Bluno Firmware)
8 Bluno M3 V2.1
9 Bluno M3 V2.2
10 Bluno Link (BLE-Link Firmware for connecting with Intel Curie, Genuino/Arduino 101) 11 Bluno M0 br>


Update: 2017/10/14 Add Bluno M0 firemware
Update: 2017/7/14 Add BLE-Link Firmware for connecting with Intel Curie
Update: 2016/1/11 Open V1.9.6 firmware
Update: 2015/11/20 Add a new device: Bluno M3 V2.1
Update: 2016/12/7 Add a new device: Bluno M3 V2.2 (Note: Not compatible with V2.1 version)

Update: 2016/1/11


  1. Exchange TX and RX indicator LED, it is same to Arduino UNO now.
  2. This Firmware is an official update version based on V1.9.3. Please check the difference with V1.94. And let us which one do you like.

Note: this is a BLE firmware fork version. It adds some feastures which doesn't exist before. Let us know which one do you like.
1 Support uppercase and lowercase input command
2 Support help mode: Try the command "AT+HELP=?", it will be a surprise
3 Power indicator: RX led will flash, when it first get power

Change the default BLE device name
2014/12/30 fix messy code bug


Add a version name in AT name.
e.g. For now, when you input "AT+VERSION=?" in AT mode. it will show V1.92
2014/12/30 update: a messy code bug on Android and IOS


Fix V1.9 setting error: Name, Tx power .etc


Recompile BLE firmware with official protocol stack:BLE-CC254x-1.4.0
Fix BLE name error with IOS device.
Fix wireless programming passward from mobile device.