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This is the canonical iRODS PHP API and deprecates the PHP API that was hosted on

PHP Core API and PRODS Web Browser for iRODS.

Features and Bug Fixes

mkdir fails on iRODS 4.0 #6

Updated to use the new CollInpNew_PI API number 681

ProdsFile->write fails on iRODS 4.0 #9

Updated packing instructions for File read(), seek(), open(), close(), write() to use OpenedDataObjInp, replacing deprecated API

Bug fixes when using irods PHP streamer #14

Community pull request to clean up a few bugs with streaming

Allow to specify a proxy user for a connection #13

This allows you to specify a proxy_user for a connection. As a proxy user you can alias (similar to su in linux) for a different user (as an admin).

This feature is documented for the icommands here (where you set the clientUserName environment variable):

Remove old web interface #16

Old web interface was long deprecated and has been replaced by cloud browser