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Project: Jargon-core API

Date: 12/15/2022

Release Version:


This is a maintenance and feature development release to support Metalnx, REST2, iDrop, NFS4J, and other efforts

Please go to for the latest news and info.


Jargon-core consists of the following libraries

  • jargon-core - base libraries, implementation of the iRODS protocol
  • jargon-data-utils - additional functionality for dealing with iRODS data, such as building trees, storing information in iRODS on behalf of applications, and doing diffs between local and iRODS
  • jargon-user-tagging - code for using free tagging and other metadata metaphors on top of iRODS
  • jargon-user-profile - allows management of user profile and related configuration data in a user home directory
  • jargon-ticket - support for ticket processing
  • jargon-ruleservice - support for running and managing rules from interfaces
  • jargon-pool - initial implementation of commons-pool caching of iRODS agent connections. This is initially for WebDav, and will be utilized as an option in REST and cloud browser. Consider this code experimental


  • Jargon depends on Java 1.8+ with a current focus on testing/running under OpenJDK 11
  • Jargon is built using Apache Maven2, see POM for dependencies
  • Jargon supports iRODS current releases, it also maintains very reasonable backwards compatability to iRODS 3.3.1 however this is no longer actively tested


Jargon-core uses Maven for dependency management. See the pom.xml file for references to various dependencies.

Note that the following bug and feature requests are logged in GitHub with related commit information