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E-ARK DIP Specification

This repository holds information about the Dissemination Information Package (DIP) format specification maintained by the Digital Information LifeCycle Interoperability Standards Board (http://www.dilcis.eu/).

The specification

Final versions

Final versions of the specification are conveniently published at the DILCIS Board web site on PDF format.

Draft versions

The most up-to-date version of the DIP specification is being managed in markdown format in this GitHub repository.

This is a draft version of the specification that is being collaboratively edited by multiple experts.

An HTML version of the E-ARK Dissemenation Information Package Specification is available on the specification folder of this repository.

See Markdown documentation for a deeper understanding on how to edit Markdown documents.

Previous versions of the specification

Previous versions of the specification are available on the archive folder.


Key objectives of this specification are:

  • To define a generic structure of the DIP format in a way that it is suitable for a wide variety of archival records, such as document and image collections, databases or geographical data.
  • To recommend a set of metadata related to the structural and the access aspects of the DIP as implemented by the reference implementation.

Target audience

The target audiences for this specification are archival institutions and software providers that are willing to implement or update their DIP format specification.

Join the party

If you are interested engage more with this specification and the people and organizations behind it - feel free to: