DIRAC Tutorials

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DIRAC Tutorials

User Tutorials

You will find in the pages linked below the basic information to get you started using DIRAC. They are organized as a sequence of tasks, each one covering only one topic:

  1. Client installation: covers how to get the DIRAC client commands installed on your computer. This is a one-time task.
  2. Installing your credentials: shows how to install your credentials so that DIRAC client can use them. This is a one-time task.
  3. Configuring your DIRAC client: shows how to configure your client so that it can interact with a DIRAC server you are registered in as a user. This is a one-time task.
  4. Job management basics.
  5. Data management basics.
  6. File catalog basics.
  7. Client upgrade: covers how to upgrade your installed DIRAC client to a more recent version.

Advanced Tutorials

These pages show more advanced commands, for several topics.

  1. Client installation advanced.
  2. Job management advanced.
  3. Data management advanced.

Tutorial-specific information

The pages below contain information specific to each tutorial:

Quick introduction

Quick introduction to the use of DIRAC system.

Operations Tutorial

Tutorial on DIRAC Services installation