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@limxdev limxdev released this Jul 19, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

Welcome to Diamond - DMD

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Unsigned Checksums Sha256 Hash 7dd245e3dc4dfd0710f183f46005989ab5bfe218461a44da1dd6c32195f634f5
Diamond-qt a4472a3e48644473f0297d364f769fed81b8e657eddec94466a70abf63bd4b87
Rocket Installer 241e76deee69a294ccf6da8bb578c47c604a50a9d515a626d8620702a5ad7022
Blockchain a1e0e5e9226f8ff66cede82f44ab2bbd7706f70796351be045e45ce196a82ad8
Minor Update
other min protcol version
reduce default ban time

This Release is full operable regarding POS MN coinmix mixTX and quickTX
regarding coinmix u enable it with a diamond.conf entry enablemixTX=1

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