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  1. Generic highly adjustable and extendable search engine framework, using Zend Lucene, Apache Solr or ElasticSearch. But support for other search engines can be provided easily.

    PHP 12 17

  2. Symfony2 bundle based on OroCRM, which offers several functionalities for club management. (Members, Sponsors, Payments ...)

    PHP 3 1

  3. TYPO3 extension to render page templates with Twig and extend rn_base for using Twig templates instead of marker templates

    PHP 7 5

  4. Universally applicable functionalities for TYPO3 (Error-Handling, PageNotFound-Handling, Content Replacer, Robots Meta Tags ...)

    PHP 3 3

  5. TYPO3 extension which offers a developer log. Aggregate devlog entries and deliver them through several transports (Mail, GELF ...).

    PHP 4 3


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