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DMR User Database Team

Members: PD1WP, PD2EMC and PD1LOI


  1. database Public

    DMR user database for Ailunce, Anytone and Tytera (updated mostly three times a week)

    14 1

  2. DMR user database BETA for Ailunce, Anytone, Tytera and Pi-Star (autogenerated every 30 minutes)

    15 5

  3. DMR user database tools for Ailunce, Anytone and Tytera (for downloading databases)

    17 4

  4. sponsors Public

    DMR user database Team Sponsors

    1 1

  5. md380tools Public

    Tytera MD380 & MD390 Firmware made with KD4Z md380tools (autogenerated daily)

    C 4 1



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