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SiteNews Display new or modified contents from a web site.

Remember the old DNN "What's new?" module? No, not the one that indicated what was new with this DNN version, the one that listed all the new and modified content from the site. It was released somewhen with DNN 2 or 3, and worked fine until DNN 7.something - then Lucene was implemented as the new Search engine, and the old module did not work any longer.

When I upgraded our local Intranet to DNN 7.4.2, I deleted this What's New page - thought it was not too interesting, and anyway, didn't work anymore. The result was more or less a shitstorm - all the users loved it, and now it has been gone. So I decided to implement it over the new Search - and called it SiteNews (so it can't be confused with the "new" "What's new?" module).