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version 2.0-dev

ScreenGrab - A program for fast creating screenshots, and easily publishing them on internet image hosting services. It works on Linux and Windows operating systems. ScreenGrab uses the Qt framework and thus, it is independent from any desktop environment.

Build requirements

  • Qt5 >= 5.2 (Qt 4.x support only 1.x branch)
  • CMake >= 2.8.11 (only for building ScreenGrab from sources)
  • GCC > 4.5
  • KF5WindowSystem
  • [optional] Qxt Library > 0.6 (if you want to build ScreenGrab using your system Qxt version - see the "Build options" section in this file)


To build ScreenGrab from sources, use these commands:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake [BUILD OPTIONS] ../
make install

Build options

You can use some or all of these parameters to customise your build.

  • -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX - Install prefix for Linux distro. Default setting: "/usr".
  • -DSG_XDG_CONFIG_SUPPORT - Place config files into XDGC_CONFIG_HOME directory (usually - ~/.config/${app_name) ). Default setting: ON. In previous versions the config files were stored in ~/.screengrab (Set this parameter to "OFF" to store the config files here).
  • -DSG_EXT_UPLOADS - Enable uploading screenshots to image hosting services. Default setting: ON.
  • -DSG_DBUS_NOTIFY - Enable D-Bus notifications.
  • -DSG_GLOBALSHORTCUTS - Enable global shortcuts for main actions to create screenshots. Default setting: ON.
  • -DSG_USE_SYSTEM_QXT - Use system version Qxt Library for global shortcuts. Default setting: OFF.
  • -DSG_DOCDIR - Name for the directory of user's documentation. Default setting: "screengrab".
  • -DQKSW_SHARED - Enable shared linking with qkeysequencewidget library (in src/common/qksysekwesewidget). Default setting: OFF.

Build notes:

  • For Debian based Linux distro (Debian Squeezy, Ubuntu 12.04, etc) - if you want to build ScreenGrab using the system version of the Qxt Library, please use this command to run CMake:



Screengrab is licensed under the GPL v2. See file LICENSE in docs directory for more information


E-mail: Jabber: Web homepage:

Copyright (c) 2009-2013, Artem 'DOOMer' Galichkin