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BlobTools v1.1

A modular command-line solution for visualisation, quality control and taxonomic partitioning of genome datasets

Obtaining BlobTools

  • Option A: Download latest release
  • Option B: Clone repository
    git clone

Entering directory

cd blobtools

Install dependencies

  • Option A: Create Conda environment

    conda create -n blobtools
    conda activate blobtools
    conda install -c anaconda matplotlib docopt tqdm wget pyyaml git
    conda install -c bioconda pysam --update-deps

    Tip: Check if samtools exists by executing the command 'samtools' in the commandline. If samtools complains about dependencies, simply run the pysam install twice.

  • Option B: Install dependencies via PIP

    python install --user

Download NCBI taxdump and create nodesdb

wget -P data/
tar zxf data/taxdump.tar.gz -C data/ nodes.dmp names.dmp
./blobtools nodesdb --nodes data/nodes.dmp --names data/names.dmp

Create blobplot

./blobtools create -i example/assembly.fna -b example/mapping_1.sorted.bam -t example/blast.out -o example/test && \
./blobtools view -i example/test.blobDB.json && \
./blobtools plot -i example/test.blobDB.json


    ./blobtools --help


A docker container can be build using the following command:

     docker build -t drl/blobtools .

This docker image can be run with sample data as follows:

     docker run -v $PWD/example:/example/  -t  drl/blobtools ./blobtools create -i /example/assembly.fna -b /example/mapping_1.sorted.bam -t /example/blast.out -o /example/test