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Tutorial on Python Twitter Bots

Description in Plain English

This is a Twitter Bot tutorial @mcburton put together for Annette Vee's course on computational media. The workshop was a blast and if anyone wants to use this tutorial please let me know.

This README is sparse, please see the Jupyter Notebook index.ipynb for all the juicy details.

Live Demo

You can now run this tutorial LIVE using Binder by clicking this button:


NOTE: There is a unicode bug opening the text file when running this tutorial on Binders that I haven't fixed yet.

# open Robin's Edgar Allen Poe data file and read every line into memory
with open('data/thats-so-raven.txt','r') as filename:
    lines = filename.readlines()

This code cell should be tweaked to explicitly declare the encoding:

# open Robin's Edgar Allen Poe data file and read every line into memory
with open('data/thats-so-raven.txt','r', encoding='utf-8') as filename:
    lines = filename.readlines()

How to Install

These instructions assume experience with the unix/linux command line and installing/running Python.

If you want to run this tutorial on your own machine you need to have Jupyter installed. I recommend reading their documentation about installing Jupyter and Jupyter Notebooks.

Once you have Jupyter installed you should clone this repository to your local machine. You will install the tweepy python library (from requirements.txt) and then launch a Jupyter Notebook from within the repository directory.

git clone
cd python-twitter-bots
pip install -r requirements.txt
jupyter notebook

These are very quick and dirty instructions, please contact me if you have further questions.




A tutorial in Jupyter Notebooks



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