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DayZ Vanilla++ Mod v0.4

DayZ Update 1.0: Fixed issues with mod startup, now functional however "StaticLoadouts/Preset" do not function due to imporper/aka borken core functionality (making folders for data to be housed). So all server owners running this mod, please use "Randomized loadouts" as till we get a fix for this meme. Other broken things include: Custom Player Stats don't get recorded (Kills,deaths) , Can't save spawnpoints from the admin tools, can't export loadouts via the admintools

Last update: December 1st 2018

🚩 Table of Contents

What is Vanilla++:

Vanilla++ is a DayZ workshop add-on which aims to extend the Vanilla experience by implementing features, and tool which help server owners customize the expirence of their server while still allowing for that vanilla DayZ feel.

For a full list of features please see the Features.



  • If you are a player and want to play on Vanilla++ servers, please subscribe to our steam workshop release, as well as, our dependency RPCFramework

  • Change your startup following start-up commandlines to include -mod=@VanillaPlusPlus;@RPCFramework (Alternatively: Enable the mods via the DayZLauncher and click ´play´)



For those who own a server provide by, can auto install the mod via the AddonManager.
Special thanks goes to the Vilayer team!

vilayer logo


  • Download Vanilla++
  • Go into the servers root folder and unpack the folders @VanillaPlusPlus and mpmissions there.
  • Create a new folder called VanillaPlusPlus_files and copy your server config into there (usually calledserverDZ.cfg)
  • Open the copied config file and change 'dayzOffline.chernarusplus' to 'DayZSurvival.chernarusplus'
  • Subscribe to RPCFramework on the Steam workshop.
  • On your DayZ client, go into the !workshop folder and copy @RPCFramework to the root of the server (just like in step 2). If the folder is hidden, open the dayz launcher, go to ´mods´, rightclick ´RPCFramework´ and click on ´open folder´
  • Go inside the copied folder and copie its ´keys´ folder into the server root folder.
  • Change your startup following start-up commandlines to include -mod=@VanillaPlusPlus;@RPCFramework -config=VanillaPlusPlus_files\serverDZ.cfg -profiles=VanillaPlusPlus_files -name=myServerName -scrAllowFileWrite


  • In order to turn on, or off different functionality, check the top of: '/mpmission/DayZSurvival.chernarusplus/ScriptedMods/Tunables.c'

  • In order to change which spawn menu play will interact with, check the top of: '/mpmission/DayZSurvival.chernarusplus/ScriptedMods/Modules/AdvancedLoadouts.c'


In-game Map:

  • Just as the header suggests, we created a in-game map for players to use.

Custom Ladout & Spawn Menu:

  • This feature allows the server to create loadouts for fresh spawns to spawn with. The server owner can also set spawn points around the map.

Customized loadouts using the AdminTool:

  • This feature allows the server owner to create loadouts for fresh spawns to spawn with by adding your desired items to \ScriptedMods\LoadOuts\RandomlyGenerated OR Enable Static Loadouts via the Tuneables.c.

  • Use the /export loadoutname command via the AdminTools to added a preset players can choose to spawn with. (Only used with Static Loadouts)

Enable/Disable Stamina:

  • Add ´-DisableStamina´ to your startup commandline to enable, and remove it from your startup commandline to disable.

Spawn Custom Buildings:

  • This feature allows the server owner to place CustomBuildings by minimalizing the amount of code needed to spawn in additional buildings.

Chatbased Admin Tools:

  • This feature allows the server owner to add Steam 64 IDs into a text file, allowing those users to login using the password set inside of the server.cfg. This file is located in \DayZSurvival.chernarusplus\ScriptedMods\Admins.txt

  • An admin can login by typing the following into DayZ's chat system: #login mypassword

Player Score/Kill Activity Tracker:

  • This feature creates two files into the servers profile, and stores detailed kill information and player stats such as total deaths, and kills.

Chatbased Kill Messages:

  • Sends chat messages showing who killed who, and who committed suicide. (UI Coming soon.)



Ingame Map


Custom loadout & Spawn Menu


Custom loadout & Spawn Menu 2


  • @Sen ( @zalexki zalexki ) from DayZModders Discord Server for the KillScore system
  • @Slluxx for teaching @GravityWolfNotAmused how not to suck at files.
  • Github User Moondarker for /refuel cmd added, /spawncar modified to spawn car in dir of admin view (Admin Tools)