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Here's a list of all the enchantments, with a description of what each one does.


  • Aerial: Increases damage in air
  • Backstab: When hitting from behind, you deal more damage.
  • Blind: Gives enemies blindness
  • Blessed: 15l% (l = level) chance to remove bad effects
  • Charge: Increases damage when sprinting
  • Cripple: Gives enemies nausea and slowness
  • Deathbringer: Increases damage
  • Disarming: 10l% chance to disarm enemy
  • Disarmor: 10l% chance to disarmor enemy
  • Gooey: Flings enemy into the air
  • Hallucination: 5l% (l = level) chance of trapping enemies in a fake prison
  • Lifesteal: Heals when damaging enemies
  • Lightning: 10l% chance to strike enemies with lightning
  • Poison: Poisons enemies
  • Vampire: Heals by part of damage dealt
  • Wither: Gives enemies wither


  • Blaze: Shoots fireballs
  • Bounty Hunter: Collect bounties (items) when hitting enemies.
  • Grappling: Pulls you to location of arrow. If enemy is hit, the enemy will be pulled to you.
  • Headhunter: Increases damage if enemy is shot in the head
  • Healing: Heals target when shot
  • Missile: Spawns tnt on hit
  • Molotov: Starts fire around target
  • Paralyze: Gives slowness, blindness, and weakness
  • Piercing: Ignores armor when dealing damage
  • Porkified:
    • Level 1: Shoots pigs. Damage: 1.5
    • Level 2: Shoots pigs that drop raw pork. Damage: 2
    • Level 3: Shoots pigs that drop cooked pork. Damage: 3
  • Shuffle: Switches position with target
  • Volley: Shoot multiple arrows in a cone
  • Wither Skull: Shoots Wither Skull


  • Driller: Breaks a 3 by 3 by 1 + level
  • Energizing: Gives haste when block is broken
  • Explosive: Cause an explosion when block is broken
  • Haste: Gives haste when held
  • Jackpot: 10l% chance to increase the ore tier
  • Oxygenate: Breathe underwater when held
  • Quickening: Gives speed when block is broken
  • Smelting: Automatically smelts drops when broken
  • Telepathy: Automatically puts drops in inventory.


  • Lumberjack: Mines all logs connected to log when broken


  • Farmer: Automatically regrows crops when harvested
  • Fertilizer: Creates farmland in a level radius around the block
  • Harvest: Harvest crops in a level radius around the block


  • Anti-Knockback: Reduces knockback by 25% per armor piece
  • Armored: Decreases sword damage by 20l%
  • Berserker: Gives strength on low health
  • Cactus: Poke people around you
  • Cloaking: Becomes invisible when hit
  • Cursed: Gives wither to enemy when hit
  • Drunk: Gives slowness, mining fatigue, and nausea to enemy when hit
  • Endershift: Gives speed and extra health when low on health
  • Enlighted: Gives regeneration when hit
  • Forcefield: Deflects projectiles and living entities in a 0.75x (x = # of armor pieces)
  • Frozen: Gives slowness to enemy when hit
  • Grow: Increases size on sneak (Must be wearing full set of Grow armor)
  • Hardened: Gives weakness to enemy when hit
  • Heavy: Decreases damage from axes by 20l%
  • Molten: Sets enemy on fire when hit
  • Obsidian Shield: Gives fire resistance while worn
  • Overload: Gives 1 extra heart per level per armor piece
  • Poisoned: Poisons enemy when hit
  • Revive: Will revive you when you die. (will remove enchantment)
  • Revulsion: Gives nausea to enemy when hit
  • Selfdestruct: Spawn TNT when you die.
  • Shielded: Gives resistance per level per piece of armor
  • Shrink: Decreases size on sneak (Must be wearing full set of Shrink armor)
  • Tank: Decreases damage from bows by 20l%


  • Glowing: Gives night vision
  • Implants: Replenishes hunger and air
  • Meditation: Replenish health and hunger every 20 seconds (half a hunger bar/heart per level)


  • Chicken: Lays egg every 5 minutes, 5l% (l = level) chance of rare drop
  • Enraged: Strength per level
  • Parachute: Slows your fall (above 3 blocks)
  • Prowl: Goes invisible when sneaking, gives slowness
  • Spider: Climb walls
  • Vacuum: Suck up items in a 3l radius


  • Gears: Gives speed
  • Jetpack: Enable flying (you fly where you look) when you sneak.
  • Magmawalker: Turns lava into obsidian around you
  • Springs: Gives jump boost
  • Stomp: Deal part of fall damage to enemy when taking fall damage


  • Soulbound: Keeps item after death (will remove enchantment)


  • Autorepair: Automatically repairs items when moving


  • Radar: Points to nearest player in a 50l (l = level) range.
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