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A drop dead simple URI routing library for PHP, with support for optional parameters and regular expressions.
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A drop dead simple URI routing library for PHP, with support for optional parameters and regular expressions.

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0.0 Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Examples
  • Format
  • Running Tests
  • Troubleshooting
  • Changelog

1.0 Introduction

Router is a very simple URI request routing library, designed for providing a simple front controller for applications. A request is run against a dictionary of routes, and the first one to match is executed.

It supports expansions for common expressions (numeric, slugs etc), along with full regexes and optional parameter support.

Can be used in front of a full MVC stack, or with simple in-place closures.

2.0 Examples

$router = new \HybridLogic\Router;

$router->get('about', function(){
    echo 'About Us';


3.0 Format

Each route you wish to match should have a rule. The rule shouldn't include a beginning or ending slash, except for the homepage, which is just /.

When defining a route, you can specify which HTTP methods it should respond to (GET, POST etc). For example, to only allow GET requests, use ->get(...). A utility method for quickly adding GET and POST is provided via ->any(...).

A route pattern matches a request exactly, that means sub- directories are not included, for example "about" would match /about, but not /about-us or /about/john-smith.

There are three default regex expressions provided:

  • :num Matches any numeric value ([0-9]+)
  • :any Matches alphanumeric values, including - and _ ([a-z0-9-_]+)
  • :all Matches anything, including slashes, will override anything after it

You can also provide your own regex, e.g.


To make a section optional, simply put a question mark (?) at the end, e.g.


Example patterns:

Pattern Matches Description
/ / Homepage
about /about Matches optional trailing slash
about/:any? /about/john Match optional directories
archive/:num/:num? /archive/2012/06 Match archive pattern
:all /matches/anything Catch-all handler (404s)

4.0 Running Tests

phpunit tests

5.0 Troubleshooting

Nothing here yet.

6.0 Changelog

  • [2012-12-17] Initial Version
  • [2012-12-18] Removed 404 handler
  • [2012-12-19] Add any() and all() methods.
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