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Open source projects from DagonMetric with ❤️

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  1. Another bundling and npm packaging helper tool for Typescript & Angular library projects. It also supports for bundling of Angular application projects.

    TypeScript 8 2

  2. Configuration & options service for Angular.

    TypeScript 8 3

  3. Angular Firebase Remote Config integration for @DagonMetric / ng-config.

    TypeScript 3 2

  4. Vendor-agnostic logging, analytics and telemetry service abstractions and some implementations for Angular applications.

    TypeScript 11 1

  5. Caching service for Angular applications.

    TypeScript 8 1

  6. General purpose transliterate service for Angular which can be used in swapping letters such as α → a, ၎ → ၎င်း or Zawgyi-One to standard Myanmar Unicode.

    TypeScript 6 1


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