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This repository contains various userscripts I have created for various sites with the simple goal of "making life easier".
All of these were built to work with Chrome+Tampermonkey in mind, so they may not work if not ran under the same environment.

[Most of the changes here are only visible to yourself and others with the script]

Extended Favourites

This is intended to give the user an infinite amount of favourites by using an off-site DB.
These show below the MAL favourites and are highlighted.

Infinite History

This replaces MALs history with one that uses an off-site DB. It also logs changes to stuff such as score etc.
This was made due to MALs history being absolute shit. It has two major problems: Newly added series aren't logged & /history/ only lasts a month.

Precise Scores

This allows scores to be set to one decimal place (8.5, 9.2 etc.) using an off-site DB.
This has been requested multiple times on MAL and said it wouldn't be implemented. This was my answer to that.


This is intended to be a dump for small tweaks to MAL.
Currently the only tweak added is one that defaults the search to whatever the current page is (so if you are on /manga/, it defaults to manga).

One-Click DL

This is a replacement for the in-built one-click method (which isn't really one-click, as a pop-up is generated).


Replaces the navbar & search box with a new navbar which includes the search, therefore saving vertical space.

Randomize List

Adds a small button to the TODO list page which randomizes the current list.

NP Extra Statuses

Adds a simple list sorting system.
Adding [on-hold] or [to-play] to the start of a game description will filter it under a header of the same name.
(This will only be visible to those with the userscript!)

AJAX Cookie of Fortune

This turns the fortune cookie into one that uses AJAX so it's easy/quick to get a new cookie.


If you want, you can also grab my userscripts from GreasyFork.
If you find any issues, please submit an issue to the repo or send me an email.


Userscripts I've created for various sites







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