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Simple multi threaded tool to extract domain related data from
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Simple multi threaded tool to extract domain related data from

Usage [-h] -d domain -o path [-t THREADS] [-f index1] [-f index2]

necessary arguments:
  -d, --domain   The domain you want to search for in CC data.
  -o, --outfile  The path and filename where you want the results to be saved to.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help     Show help message and exit
  -f, --filter   Use only indices which contain this string
  -t, --threads  Threads for requests


Search for and save to /home/folder/cc/data.txt

python3 -d -o /home/folder/cc/data.txt

Search for in indices which contain "CC-MAIN-2017-09", save to data.txt

python3 -d -o ./data.txt -f CC-MAIN-2017-09

Search for in indices which contain "2013" and "2014", save to data.txt

python3 -d -o ./data.txt -f 2014 -f 2013

Search for using 10 threads, save to data.txt

python3 -d -o ./data.txt -t 10

grep tips

I am no grep expert but I know how to extract data, if you have better solutions for my existing commands OR additional ideas what to search for: PR

  1. Find entries which end with popular file extension indicating dynamic pages etc:
grep -i -E '\.(php|asp|dev|jsp|wsdl|xml|cgi|json|html)$' /home/folder/cc/data.txt
  1. Find interesting files like backups, archives, log files...
grep -i -E '\.(zip|rar|tar|bkp|sql|zip|bz2|gz|txt|bak|conf|log|error|debug|yml|lock|template|tpl)$' /home/folder/cc/data.txt
  1. Find entries which contain popular strings like "admin" etc:
grep -i -E '(admin|account|debug|control|config|upload|system|secret|environment|dashboard)$' /home/folder/cc/data.txt
  1. Find files which begin with "." (htaccess, ...):
grep -i -E '\/\.' /home/folder/cc/data.txt
  1. Find obvious backup files:
grep -i -E '(\.bkp|\.bak|backup|\.dump|\.sql)' /home/folder/cc/data.txt
  1. Extract subdomains:
sed -e 's|^[^/]*//||' -e 's|^www\.||' -e 's|/.*$||' /home/folder/cc/data.txt | grep -v ":" | grep -v "@" | grep -v "?" | grep -v "/" | sort -u
  1. Find urls with parameters in it:
grep -i -E '(\?|\&)(.*?)=((.*?)|)' /home/folder/cc/data.txt | sort -u


  • python3
  • requests
  • argparse
  • json


This project was initially forked from but since I refactored it completely and si9int took another path I decided to create a stand alone project.

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