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My simple C# CHIP-8 interpreter compiling into JS/HTML5 Canvas using Bridge.NET
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DaChip8JS Build status

DaChip8JS is my C# CHIP-8 interpreter running in the browser using Bridge.NET.

Read the blog post (which includes an embedded live playable demo!) here.


For testing, I am using the Chip-8 Pack downloaded from These ROMs are not committed to the repo, so you will need to download and extract them into HTML/ROMs/Chip-8 Pack to run.


Here's a short video showing Breakout (Brix hack) [David Winter, 1997].ch8 from the Chip-8 pack. I believe the flickering is part of the game, and not my fault! This works basically the same as the C# version (albeit consuming far more resources currently).

DaChip8JS - DanTup's JS Chip-8 Interpreter

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