Example of serving an Angular app to the browser using nginx. App calls Node.js/MongoDB and ASP.NET Core/PostgreSQL microservices.
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Angular, Docker and Microservices

NOTE: If you're using Docker CE on Windows, remove the cAdvisor service defined at the bottom of the docker-compose.yml file before running the project.

To run the project (development mode):

  1. Install Docker CE for Mac or Windows (http://docker.com)

  2. Install Angular CLI: npm install @angular/cli -g

  3. Run npm install at the root of the project

  4. Run npm install in ./microservices/node

  5. Move back to the project root

  6. Run ng build

  7. Run docker-compose build

  8. Run docker-compose up

  9. Navigate to http://localhost

  10. To see your container CPU utilization, memory, etc. visit the cAdvisor URL: http://localhost:8080