Example of Angular calling into a RESTful service
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Angular RESTful Service Example

This project provides a simple look at getting started using Angular to call into a RESTful service. Simply clone the project or download and extract the .zip to get started.

Angular Concepts Covered

  • Using TypeScript classes and modules
  • Modules are loaded with System.js
  • Using Custom Components
  • Using the Http object for Ajax calls along with RxJS observables
  • Performing GET and PUT requests to the server
  • Working with Angular service classes for Ajax calls
  • Using Angular databinding and built-in directives

Software Requirements To Run Locally (there's a Docker option below as well)

  • Node.js 4.0.0 or higher
  • MongoDB 3.2 or higher

Running the Application Locally

  1. Install Node.js and MongoDB on your dev box

  2. Execute 'mongod' to start the MongoDB daemon if it's not already running

  3. Install Nodemon: npm install nodemon -g

  4. Open config/config.development.json and change the host from mongodb to localhost

  5. Run npm install to install app dependencies

  6. Run npm start to compile the TypeScript and start the server

  7. Browse to http://localhost:3000

Running the Application with Docker

  1. Install Docker for Mac/Windows or Docker Toolbox - https://www.docker.com/products/overview

  2. Open a command prompt window

  3. Run npm install

  4. Run npm run tsc:w to compile TypeScript to JavaScript locally (leave the window running). This is only needed when in "dev" mode.

  5. Open another command window and navigate to this application's root folder in the command window

  6. Run docker-compose build to build the images

  7. Run docker-compose up to run the containers

  8. Navigate to http://localhost:3000 if using Docker for Mac/Windows or if using Docker Toolbox in a browser

  9. Live long and prosper