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A set of scripts to list tor hidden services
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General information:

This is a set of script to list TOR hidden services. An up-to-date copy can be downloaded at

Installation instructions:

You'll need to have php with pdo_mysql, pcre, json and date extension, a web-server and a MySQL server installed. When you have everything installed, you'll have to create a database and a user for the script. Then edit the configuration in common_config.php to reflect the appropriate database settings and to modify the settings the way you like them. Then copy the scripts to your web-server directory and open the setup.php script like this: http://(server)/setup.php Note: If you updated the script, please visit http://(server)/setup.php again, to make sure, that any database changes are applied and no errors occure. At last, set up cron jobs for update.php phishing_tests.php and background_tests.php

Recommended schedule:

update.php - every 24 hours

phishing_tests.php - every 24 hours, shortly after update.php

background_tests.php - every 15 minutes


Copy lang_en.php and rename it to lang_YOUR_LANGCODE.php Then edit the file and translate the messages into your language and change $I to $T at the top. If you ever use a ' character, you have to escape it by using ' instead or the script will fail. When you are done, you have to edit common_config.php, to include your translation. Simply add a line with 'lang_code' => 'Language name', to the $L array below the settings, similar to what I did for the German translation. Please share your translation with me, so I can add it to the official version. To update your translation, you can copy each new string to your translation file or edit the automated lang_update.php script to reflect you language and run it.

Live Demo:

If you want to see the scripts in action, you can visit my TOR hidden service http://tt3j2x4k5ycaa5zt.onion/onions.php or via a tor2web proxy like if you don't have TOR installed.

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