Evolved LED Mod for Ghettobasters
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  • 05/23/2018 : Adding Autostandby Mode to turn on/off lights automaticly (based on volume level)
  • 05/21/2018 : Adding Random Mode on pattern/Vu sequence.
  • 04/2018 : Adding more Aux1 patterns

GhettoLed on a JVC M70


An evolved LED Mod for your sound machine based on Arduino.

  • Arduino Uno based
  • Addressable Led strips (Left/Right channels & a custom static one)
  • Stereo sound responsive from lineout
  • Works on any sources
  • A switch allow to turn lights on/off and change pattern.
  • Customisable effects
  • Manual, Autochange, Random patterns
  • Can Manage : 2 "Stereo" Led Strips et 2 additionals Strips (Aux1 for a pattern, Aux2 for the "mode" color)

What's it look like?

Compatible devices

Every boombox equiped with a lineout can be upgraded. The challenge is about led integration. (speakers/grid shape) but they can be placed everywhere (radio scale, tape...)

Known issues:

  • Some little ground noise due to the Switched-mode power supply (Filtering needed)

How to customize the code

  • You need to set the number of LED on each LED strip.
  • Depending your coding skills, you can change colors on some templates. (firsts VU for exemple)
  • You need to install FastLed library and use Arduino 1.65 software to prevent crashs.
  • to be continued...

How to use it

By default, all lights are turned off. A short press on button allows to:

  • Turn on the lights in Auto Standby Mode
  • Switch Pattern selection from Auto Change to Random Change and finally to Manual mode by selecting the next pattern.

A long press on button allows to:

  • Turn on the lights in Always On Mode
  • Turn off the lights

What i need to make it ?

Help needed !

  • Most templates have been created for a linear system. If some have a correct visual rendering, others would need to be adapted to the round shape. (-fire- for exemple) Anyone can propose modified or original templates.
  • Regarding electronics, I need tips on filtering to remove power supply and LED noise.
  • Looking for a way to turn off light when a silence is detected during a predefined time. (a kind of autostop)


Original Topic on Boomboxery (not updated anymore)


This source code is based on Scott Marley and Cine-Lights works.