A replacement for the standard Mac app About dialog.
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DCOAboutWindow is a replacement for the standard About dialog.

It adds the option to open acknowledgments and visit the website by clicking a button.

DCOAboutWindow in action

Showing acknowledgments

You can point to and maintain a custom Acknowledgments.rtf file, or you can use a script like Acknowledge to generate it for you.


Via cocoapods

Add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'DCOAboutWindow'

Then run pod install and you're set.


Clone this repo and add files from DCOAboutWindow to your project.

The project relies on DCOTransparentScroller, so include that too.


I've made a sample project that accompanies this tiny guide.

Import DCOAboutWindowController:

#import <DCOAboutWindow/DCOAboutWindowController.h>

Instantiate DCOAboutWindow:

// Note: make sure self.aboutWindowController is retained
self.aboutWindowController = [[DCOAboutWindowController alloc] init];

Create an IBAction to display the window:

- (IBAction)showAboutWindow:(id)sender {
  [self.aboutWindowController showWindow:nil];

Hook it up to the 'About [app name]' menu item or a button.

You can change values by setting properties on DCOAboutWindowController:

 *  The application name.
 *  Default: CFBundleName
@property (copy) NSString *appName;

 *  The application version.
 *  Default: "Version %@ (Build %@)", CFBundleVersion, CFBundleShortVersionString
@property (copy) NSString *appVersion;

 *  The copyright line.
 *  Default: NSHumanReadableCopyright
@property (copy) NSString *appCopyright;

 *  The credits.
 *  Default: [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"Credits" ofType:@"rtf"];
@property (copy) NSAttributedString *appCredits;

 *  The URL pointing to the app's website.
 *  Default: none
@property (strong) NSURL *appWebsiteURL;

 *  The path to the file that contains the acknowledgments.
 *  Default: [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"Acknowledgments" ofType:@"rtf"];
@property (nonatomic, copy) NSString *acknowledgmentsPath;

 *  If set to YES acknowledgments are shown in a text view, inside the window. Otherwise an external editor is launched.
 *  Default: NO;
@property (assign) BOOL useTextViewForAcknowledgments;


Add the following lines to your Localizable.string to change these values, or localize them.

/* Version %@ (Build %@), displayed in the about window */
"Version %@ (Build %@)" = "v%@ (%@)";

/* Caption on the 'Visit the %@ Website' button in the about window */
"Visit the %@ Website" = "Visit %@'s Website";

/* Caption of the 'Acknowledgments' button in the about window */
"Acknowledgments" = "Acknowledgments";

/* Caption of the 'Credits' button in the about window when acknowledgments are shown when useTextViewForAcknowledgments is YES. */
"Credits" = "Credits";

Contributions and things to add

Be creative. DCOAboutWindow should be a flexible, easy to use way to make the About Window for your app look pretty. Make sure your changes don't break existing functionality without good reason.

To create a pull request:

  • Fork the repo;
  • Create a new branch (git checkout -b your-feature);
  • Add your code;
  • Commit all your changes to your branch;
  • Push it (git push origin your-feature);
  • Submit a pull request via the GitHub web interface.


Let me know if you made far going modifications by including your project in this section. Add yourself to the list and send me a pull request.


Related apps, tools and scripts that extend DCOAboutWindow's functionality.

  • Acknowledge - Generates a single Acknowledgments.rtf from CocoaPods and custom markdown files.



  • Optionally display acknowledgments inside the window, instead of through an external editor.

Set useTextViewForAcknowledgments to YES to enable this feature.

  • Improve Auto Layout constrains. The image view now remains the same width, while the text fields can become wider.


  • Improved localization support
  • Improved auto-layout constraints to handle resizing better

You can toggle (off by default) resizing by setting the NSWindow's styleMask. Check out the example project to see how this works.


  • Switched to using 'Acknowledgments' instead of 'Acknowledg_e_ments' to be more consistent and prevent incompatibility with Acknowledge. NOTE: Make sure you change the filename of your acknowledgments and any setters/getters.


  • Initial release.


New BSD License, see LICENSE for details.