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Reign for Spotify is a remote for friends, colleagues, housemates and yourself that works in any browser. It's available for download on the Mac App Store.

What makes Reign unique is that it uses a web page to feed commands to Spotify. Making any device with a web browser a potential remote; iPhone/Android phones, tablets, but also Playstation Vita's, e-Readers etc.

Reign for Spotify

Reign works on 64bit Macs running OS X 10.7 and up.


Reign relies on the LaunchAtLoginHelper git submodule, so clone Reign as follows:

$ git clone --recursive


Opening the project

  • Double click the SpotifyRemoteWorkspace.xcworkspace to open the project in Xcode.

Quick look around

  • The workspace consists of two projects: Reign and a Helper. The Helper is used to launch Reign on startup;
  • There are build schemes for App Store and Non App Store distribution;
  • Some code (like the preferences window) differs between App Store and Non App Store (mainly because of Sparkle);
  • The Server opens a http socket using CocoaHTTPServer, broadcasts it using Bonjour and feeds commands to Spotify using AppleScript;
  • The Client uses CocoAsyncSocket looks around for other Reign servers;
  • Comments are minimal, sorry, might fix that later.

Things you need to add

  • The App Store build uses Receigen for receipt validation, remove the build step and code in main.m if you don't have it;
  • Related to Receigen, this repo relies on a statically linked OpenSSL library. Clear the User Header Search Path to remove it.
  • The dsa_pub.pem file for Sparkle is obviously missing.

Purpose and pull-requests

  • For me, this is a pet project, but we'll try our best to merge additions to our code;
  • Bug-fixes and other stuff I can learn from are awesome;
  • New features are great.


Robbie Hanson - CocoaAsyncSocket

Robbie Hanson - CocoaHTTPServer

Robbie Hanson - CocoaLumberjack

Ahmet Ardal - DisableSubviews

Vadim Shpakovski - MASPreferences

David Keegan - LaunchAtLoginHelper

Andy Matuschak - Sparkle


Boy van Amstel - boyvanamstel

Dan Gilbert - daentech

License for the rest of it

New BSD License, see LICENSE for details.


The Spotify remote for friends, colleagues, housemates and yourself that works in any browser.







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