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Resident routine for serial print using Joystick port on MSX computers
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Danjovic Added parity control
Added configurable parity control. Parity can be NONE, EVEN or ODD, selectable by contents of address 0F96DH which RS232 Queue Putback flag that is not used by MSX BIOS. 
The hook code size is 63 bytes and can still fit within unused RS232 Queue space (64 bytes)
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firmware Added parity control Dec 19, 2016
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Resident routine for serial print using Joystick port on MSX computers.

This program allows you to send your code listing serially through the joystick port of MSX computers by intercepting the LPRINT instruction from the BASIC interpreter. The data is bitbanged in accordance with RS232 standard and it is possible to use speeds from 1200 to 19200 bauds. The program is written in assembly and takes less than 100 bytes

Thought the joystick port uses TTL level the conversion to RS232 levels can be performed using a single transistor circuit.


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