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CalcMaster - Calculated Column Editor

Activated on a SharePoint FldEdit.aspx page this code will attach itself to the Formula textarea.

  • On every keyup event it will (try to) save the Formula and provide immediate feedback.
  • Paste plain JavaScript code in an empty formula field and wrap in Formula strings with the action button.
    Why I added this? See
  • The OK button is no longer needed, because a correct Formula is always saved.

This code only works on existing Calculated Columns,
it will not work if you have just created a new column, save it first

Version History


Since this code executes within your browser I have not included the Bookmarklet. Built it your self so you understand the security implications:


Save the Javascript file to your own server

  • Download the VM365_CalcMaster.js script file to a Library within your SharePoint/Office365 environment
  • Copy the full URL to this file (e.g: //

Trigger with a Browser Bookmarklet (manual activation)

  • Right click in the Favourites/Bookmark bar to Add a New Page (on IE add the WebPage as Favorite then overwrite the address with the JavaScript below)

  • Name it CalcMaster (or anything you want)

  • fill the URL with javascript code (don't forget to change the URL):

    javascript:(function(){var url='YOUR_URL_HERE',jsCode=document.createElement('script');jsCode.setAttribute('src', url);document.body.appendChild(jsCode);}())

Trigger with Chrome Tampermonkey (auto activation)

Tampermonkey can watch what you are doing in the browser and trigger code when you browse to FldEdit.aspx page

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