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Using the Sample Game in DAO.Casino SDK


  • installed DC-CLI
  • npm.js
  • node.js (10 or newer)
  • installed yarn If you use Windows, call npm install --global windows-build-tools. This command installs components necessary for this operation system.

Quick start

  1. Clone the sample game repository and start the DC-CLI in it:
git clone --depth=1 ./myDapp
cd ./myDapp

npm i & npm run start
yarn install & yarn start
  1. Start the relevant bankroller for the network you want to use (Ropsten, Local, etc).
node ./bin/daemon <privateKey> [options]

where is the private key reserved for bankroller, and [options] defines the blockchain network.

DApp Core files

Your dapp core files

  • ./contracts/myDAppGame.sol (contains the basic logic for this sample)
  • dapp/dapp.logic.js
  • dapp/*
  • dapp/assets/js/tutorial.js (this is where you are supposed to configure your game settings)

Detailed Documentation

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