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DApp Rosetta – NGO

The DApp Rosetta Developer Community is a non-profit, decentralized autonomous organization that is self-organized by a group of passionate and enthusiastic DApp developers who aim to popularize the practical knowledge of smart contract development, contributing smart contract code as examples regularly.

We hope to use our passion and professional skills to empower the blockchain application industry. We will hold monthly DApp sharing activities and invite development teams, industry experts and professors, community members to share their experience.

We'd love you to join us and see how we can make a difference together.

Community Content and activities:

1、Open Source smart contract library

2、Professionals' talk

3、Tech Community Events

Open Source Smart Contract Lib

We have built smart contract on various of public chains, including but not limited to Ethereum、Nebulas、EOS、Tron. We will release these codes as template to enable developers easily build their own DApps on top of it.

Professionals' Talk

The blockchain industry is changing rapidly and everyone must keep their information updated. Therefore, we will invite professionals of the industry to share their cutting-edge blockchain knowledge.

Tech Community Events

Passionate people should meet and inspiring each other, that's why we want to organize community events which bring DApp developers, project managers, blockchain enthusiasts to exchange skills and insights.


DApp Rosetta 开发者社区是一个非盈利的去中心化自治组织,由一群热爱分享且有热情的DApp开发者自发组建,旨在普及智能合约开发的相关实践知识,定期提供一些合约范例 。





  1. 开源智能合约仓库
  2. 行业大咖在线分享
  3. 线下社区技术交流  




区块链行业正在迅速变化,每个从业者都应与时俱进,积极获取行业最前沿的资讯。因此,我们将邀请业内专业人士分享他们最前沿的区块链知识。 他们的见解和经验将拓宽您的视野,帮助社区开发者找到成功之路。  



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