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Simple newsletters for Django sites. Supports double opt-in, many newsletters per site, template-driven email generation and built-in click tracking (Google Analytics).
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Django Nova is a simple newsletter manager for Django.


  • Double opt-in
  • Multiple newsletters per site
  • Template driven email generation
  • Built-in click tracking with Google Analytics
  • Supports Premailer out of the box
  • Full test suite



Once installed you can begin creating newsletters and newsletter issues (individual mailings) via the Django admin.


Install django-nova in your site-packages directory:

# From GitHub
pip install git+git://

# From BitBucket
pip install

Add django-nova to your installed apps in

    # ...

Include the nova.urls in your

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    (r'^nova/', include('nova.urls')),


Nova has a variety of variables that you can use to change the default behavior.

# Default email used when sending newsletters

# If you have not installed premailer set this to False

# A list of processors to use when adding context to the newsletter template

Template Integration

Default newsletter templates can be added to your project's template folder and referenced when adding or updating a newsletter object in the Django admin. These tempaltes are loaded using any registered template loaders.


Please feel free to fork the repository and create a pull request to have your changes merged back in.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help.

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