Lightweight, non-intrusive data uploader for Elite Dangerous
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A windows utility written in C#, presenting Json events from Elite: Dangerous log as data source. Allows updating external sites (and possibly do other actions) in near-real-time as the log gets updated

Does not require Elite login/password - only the target sites API keys


  • Download latest version
  • Input commander name, Inara and/or EDSM API keys, click 'verify' to check info is correct
  • Save settings (apply and/or OK)
  • (optional) Upload logs from last few sessions
  • launch the game.

Current Features

  • Inara
  • EDSM
  • EDDN

Planned features

  • "Cloud" error reporting
  • Support for Canonn API v2
  • Google sheets for Powerplay/BGS work

Get latest version

  • ClickOnce application installer here

Plugin development

The code base has not yet reached maturity, so any (even ostensibly public) APIs might change. Hence, at this time, I see the best way of plugin support as incorporating them into this codebase. This will most likely change once a stable version is reached. To contribute to development, please fork the repository


You're welcome to contribute by:

  1. Using the application!
  2. Raising issues on GitHub
  3. Proposing pull request with changes and/or new functionality, including plugins


Builds are done in AppVeyor. master branch is the primary integration branch ('potentially releasable'). GitHub pre-releases are published from master Releasing to ClickOnce installer is done via merging to prod branch

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