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# Adventure Backpack

Adventure Backpack adds over 70 different backpacks to Minecraft. They store items and fluids, are inmune to lava and fire, and keep their inventory when dropped. Also they place themselves as a block when the player dies to prevent losing the items inside.


Backpack Utilities

Backpack GUI: The backpack's interface can be accessed in three ways:

  • If you have the backpack in your hand, right click it.
  • If you are wearing it, press the "Open Backpack Key". By default is the 'B' Key.
  • If it's placed on the ground, right click it. Here you can put items inside the backpack, craft, select the rotation tools and fill or empty the tanks using buckets or other valid container for the respective fluid.

Sleeping Bag: All backpacks include a sleeping bag that allows you to sleep anywhere. To deploy, place your backpack on the ground and ensure there are two free blocks in front of it. Press the Sleeping Bag button in the GUI to deploy your sleeping bag and right click it to sleep, like a regular bed. If you remove the backpack the sleeping bag gets removed too. Don't worry, it will roll itself again into the backpack and be ready to use again.

Crafting Matrix: All backpacks allow you to craft in their special crafting grid that is part of the regular GUI. The crafting grid is composed by the brown slots. Nothing special about it.

Tanks: All backpacks have two tanks that store fluids. The fluid name and amount will show in the GUI, as well as a graphical representation of the tanks, with the color of the fluid in each tank. You can fill or drain the tanks using the special "bucket" slots. They accept any kind of fluid container registered as such, like IndustrialCraft cells or Forestry wax thingies. The fluid in the tanks will also render on the outside the backpack.
When placed on the ground, backpacks will emit light if the fluid in any tank emits light, for example lava.

Tool Slots and Switching: All backpacks have two special green Tool Slots. Only tools can be put in such slots, not weapons. Tools in these slots will also render on the outside of the backpack when it is being worn. When you have tools in these slots, you can switch the tool in your hand with the tools inside your backpack, by sneaking and scrolling the mouse wheel. For example, if you have a shovel and an axe in the backpack and a pickaxe in your hand, sneaking and scrolling the mouse wheel will put the shovel in your hand and the pickaxe in the backpack. You need three tools to use the switching effectively.

Backpack Abilities

Certain backpacks have special abilities that can be either passive or triggered. Some backpacks execute their abilities only when placed as a block, while others do so while being worn. For an in-depth explanation of each backpack's ability, go here.


The machete is a special tool (Can also serve as a weapon, but is not very great at it). It cuts through gras and leaves like it ain't no thing, thus helping you traverse jungles. It will drop the grass and leaves as well, instead of just breaking them. It cuts wood decently too, so you can use it as an axe if you need it. It can be rotated with other tools in the backpack.

Adventurer's Outfit

The adventurer's outfit, composed of the Adventurer's Suit and Adventurer's Fedora are a bit more than just decorative in nature. They provide some protection while leaving the chest armor slot free for a backpack.

Piston Boots

These boots are made for jumping, and that's just what they'll do. Using the power of Pistons, they let you jump up to 3 blocks in height. They also help you run faster, and if you're sprinting, you will step up to one block in height without needing to jump.

The Hose

The Hose is a special tool that let's you connect the backpack tanks to the world and the player. It has three modes of operation, that can be switched by sneaking and scrolling the mouse wheel.

  • Suck Mode: Will suck fluids from the world and place 1000mb (milibuckets), or a bucket, of it inside the selected backpack tank. If you right click a valid tank (Buildcraft Tanks, for example), it will drain that tank.
  • Spill Mode: If the fluid can be placed on the world, it will drain 1000mb(milibuckes), or a bucket, from the selected tank and place it on the world. If you rightclick a valid tank, it will fill that tank.
  • Drink Mode: If the selected tank contains a drinkable fluid, it will drain 1000mb(milibuckets) worth of it and let the player drink it, to various interesting effects.

To change the tank the hose is bound to, just press the "Select Hose Tank Key", by default it is the 'N' Key.

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