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Emacs daemon mode that plays nice with Mac OS X.
Emacs Lisp
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Emacs "Pseudo-Daemon" for Mac OS X

If you've ever tried to use Emacs in daemon mode on Mac OS X, you might have noticed that after you close the last graphical Emacs client frame, the Emacs dock icon and menu bar become non-functional until you create a new graphical frame. This package implements nearly identical behavior to daemon mode using a simple hack: whenever the last graphical frame is closed, a new hidden frame is created. The next time Emacs is activated, the hidden frame is revealed. The result is essentially the same as using daemon mode, but without the drawbacks.

To turn the mode on or off, customize osx-pseudo-daemon-mode. If your Emacs config is shared across several different systems, feel free to enable the mode unconditionally. It has no effect on other systems.

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