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A Darwin Ecosystem open source Cognitve project with BCI systems and IBM Watson Technology
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Darwin Ecosystem Cognitive Stories

A Darwin Ecosystem Open Source Cognitive project with BCI systems, IBM Watson Technology and Neural Network Machine Learning

Like other stories, we have separated our adventure into augmenting the expression of human cognition though various forms of technology into chapters. Each chapter is an evolution of the process of understanding the human brain though the use of BCI (Brain Computer Interfacing), Machine Learning Neural Network computing and various other technologies.

Each Chapter contains subsets of Open Source content covering both hardware, software and other media forms that help us reach into the mind and allow the expression of patterns that would not otherwise be able to be expressed.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions about the content or the amazing journey into the mind and pattern detection we have embarked on.

We encourage others to join us to meet the challenges ahead and help share the wonders it may provide to the community.

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