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Rocket League bot made with the RLBot framework

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This repository is related to RLBot, a framework for running offline Rocket League bots. You can try both Botimus and Bumblebee by downloading RLBotGUI and the BotPack.

Botimus Prime & Bumblebee

This repository contains two bots: Botimus Prime and Bumblebee. They share most of the code, but use a different strategy. Botimus can play solo or with different bots, while Bumblebee is designed to play with copies of itself as teammates. That's because it's a hivemind bot, which means one process is controlling all of the Bumblebees on one team. The ideal team is 3x Bumblebee.


The rlutilities folder contains a compiled pybind11 module. RLUtilities is a library with a lot of useful stuff for making Rocket League bots, such as querying the arena mesh, simulating the ball and partially the cars, linear algebra stuff and controllers for various mechanics.

Tournament appearances

Links to VODs where you can watch Botimus or Bumblebee play, from newest to oldest: