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dash.js is an initiative of the DASH Industry Forum to establish a production quality framework for building video and audio players that play back MPEG-DASH content using client-side JavaScript libraries leveraging the Media Source Extensions API set as defined by the W3C. The core objectives of this project are to build an open source JavaScript library for the playback of DASH which:

  • Is robust in a real-world production environment
  • Has the best performing adaption algorithms
  • Is free for commercial use
  • Is both codec and browser agnostic
  • Implements best practices in the playback of MPEG DASH
  • Supports a wide array of features including in-band events, multiple-periods and cross-browser DRM.

For an up-to-date view as to the state of MSE support in browsers, look here.

We have a voice-call every two weeks to discuss issues/features/enhancements with the project. Look here for details and global dial-in numbers.

dash.js License

All code in the dash.js project is covered by the BSD-3 license. This permissive license allows redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, without cost or any license fees. It is our intent that you use this code to freely build DASH players for personal, company internal, or commercial purposes.


Before you get started, please read the Dash.js v2.0 Migration Document

Full API Documentation is available describing all public methods, interfaces, properties, and events.

For help, join our email list, Slack Channel and read our wiki.

We also have mounted players ready to test against if you want to try out your manifest without writing any Javascript.

Detailed information on specific topics can be found in separate articles:

Quick Start for Users & Developers

If you just want a DASH player to use and don't need to see the code or commit to this project, or if you are a developer and want to work with this code base, then please refer to the readme file of the project, which contains details detailed instructions on how to invoke the player in a web page and as well as set up your build environment to work with the code base.

CDN mounted minified files

Both released and nightly versions of the minified files are mounted and available for your free and unrestricted use.

The latest release version (accessible via both http and https) are available below:

All (contains all libraries and code you need to run the player)


Metrics Reporting


Nightly build A nightly build of the minified files (actually built every 15min) is also accessible online at

By whom

This project is organized by the Dash Industry Forum, a non-profit industry association established to catalyze the adoption of MPEG-DASH. Membership includes many large media companies, including Microsoft, Qualcomm, Ericsson, Adobe, Sony, Cisco, Intel and Akamai.

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