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Dashticz v2

Alternative dashboard for Domoticz


alt tag


Before you can use this dashboard, unzip all files to a subfolder in Domoticz or on a webserver of your choice. Save CONFIG_DEFAULT.js as CONFIG.js and insert the IP-address of Domoticz without a trailing slash; e.g.:

Visit the wikipage at:

Run in Docker

Navigate the directory to be in the same level as the Dockerfile and run this command

  • docker build -t docker-dashticz .
  • docker run -p 7000:90 -v ${PWD}:/usr/share/nginx/html/ docker-dashticz

Dashticz will now be available on http://localhost:7000


Do you appreciate my work and want to buy me a beer? You can send Verge (XVG) to D8fwNbyV6YxJk1aSiXftWTtdaPipsKn2Fa, Bitcoins to 17Qy4bsLM9J238fCZt5kaRc2bD5S1Aw6og or donate via PayPal:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use this dashboard if Domoticz is password protected?

Open up CONFIG.js in a text-editor (notepad for example). Fill in the full path for Domoticz, e.g.: http://username:password@ (withouth trailing slash)

When Domoticz is updated, it has removed this dashboard?!

Unfortunately, this occurs when the dashboard is installed into Domoticz's www-directory. When Domoticz installs an update, it removes the www-directory completely, before placing the updated version back. You'll have to re-install Dashticz in that case.

There are a few solutions to this:

  • Install dashticz on another web server
  • Make a symlink in the www folder in Domoticz:
    • Install or copy Dashticz to a folder outside the Domoticz folder, i.e. /home/pi/dashticz_v2/
    • Make a symlink: ln -s /home/pi/dashticz_v2/ /home/pi/domoticz/www/dashticz
    • Now you can access Dashticz on http://domoticz_ip:port/dashticz/index.html
    • After a Domoticz update, you only need to make the symlink again.

Where can I get any help?

You can check out our helpful community in the Dashticz subforum on the Domoticz forum. Various topics on the various parts of Dashticz can give you lots of help and examples on configuration. Feel free to ask you question. See also the Wiki for the various options in dashticz.

Contribute to Dashticz

If you want to contribute to Dashticz: Just create a pull request with you bugfix, addition, typofix or something else you think is valuable. If you have no idea of what to fix: Look at the issues on Github, or visit the Dashticz subforum where users describing bugs or requesting features can be found.

Improving the Wiki is also a good way to contribute.

Thanks for your help!


Alternative dashboard for Domoticz






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