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Excel Data Curation Primer Update Excel Data Curation May 16, 2019
Geodatabase Data Curation Primer
Jupyter Notebook Data Curation Primer
MSAcess Data Curation Primer
SPSS Data Curation Primer
Wordpress Data Curation Primer
netCDF Data Curation Primer


This repository contains data curation primers meant to jumpstart the curation process for librarians or data curators.

Data curation primers are being developed as part of the IMLS grant #RE-85-18-0040-18 "Building the Data Curation Community: Advancing Specialized Data Curation". Archival copies (version 1.0 only) that were developed adjacent to our IMLS funded 2018-2020 workshops can be found at University of Minnesota's DRUM repository.

Revisions to data curation primers can be made by forking the primer repository, making any preferred changes, then committing the revisions back to the original primer repository.

Please be advised these primers are licensed with CC by 4.0. Suggested citations are provided within each primer.

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