A Distributed, Highly Available Mesos Scheduler, Inspired by the design of Google Borg
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swan is a mesos scheduling framework written in golang based on mesos new HTTP API.

you can use swan to deployment application on mesos cluster, and manage the entire lifecycle of the application. you can do rolling-update with new version, you can scale application, and you can do health check for your applications and auto failover when applications or services are not available.

swan is maintained by dataman-cloud, and licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


  • Application deployment
  • Application scaling
  • Rolling update
  • Version rollback
  • Health check
  • Auto failover
  • High Availability with Raft baked
  • Build in HTTP Proxy, Load Balance
  • Build in DNS

Special features

  • The instance name is fixed during the application lifecycle.
  • The instance index is continuously incremented from zero.


From Source(swan only)

First get the swan:

go get github.com/Dataman-Cloud/swan

Then you can compile swan with:



make docker-build

swan will be installed at $GOPATH/bin/swan, If $GOPATH/bin is in your PATH, you can invoke swan from the CLI.

Run as standalone mode

goreman start


make docker-run

Run in HA mode

swan --mesos-master=zk:// --cluster=,, --raftid=1 --raft-cluster=,, --work-dir=./data/ --mode=mixed
swan --mesos-master=zk:// --cluster=,, --raftid=2 --raft-cluster=,, --work-dir=./data/ --mode=mixed
swan --mesos-master=zk:// --cluster=,, --raftid=3 --raft-cluster=,, --work-dir=./data/ --mode=mixed

Use swan --help to see usage.

Getting Started

Use curl

  • applicaiton deloyment
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d@example/template-replicates.json http://localhost:9999/v_beta/apps
  • applications list
curl http://localhost:9999/v_beta/apps
  • application show
curl http://localhost:9999/v_beta/apps/nginx0003-xcm-unnamed
  • application delete
curl -X DELETE http://localhost:9999/v_beta/apps/nginx0003-xcm-unnamed
  • application scale up
curl -X PATCH -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:9999/v_beta/apps/nginx0003-xcm-unnamed/scale-up -d@example/scale.json
  • application scale down
curl -X PATCH -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:9999/v_beta/apps/nginx0003-xcm-unamed/scale-down -d@example/scale.json
  • application rolling update
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d@new_verison.json http://localhost:9999/v_beta/apps/nginx0003-xcm-unnamed

instances -1 means updating all instances. other value means updating the specified instances at one time.

  • list application versions
curl http://localhost:9999/v_beta/apps/nginx0003-xcm-unnamed/versions
  • get application version

Use command line client swancfg

cd cli
make && make install

swancfg --help for usage.


See ROADMAP for the full roadmap.


If you want to contribute to swan, make a PR or report a issue. The goal of swan is to become the default and best scheduler for mesos, so let's do it!


Swan is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.